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Nice Bangs is a fun party band that covers a wide variety of music from the 60s to today, although public outcry has demanded a disproportionate number of rock songs from the 70s and 80s and some late 90s alt rock! We are from central Iowa but will travel. Many shows include our special guests The Establishment, a fantastic 3 piece horn section.

Nice Bangs:                                                    The Establishment:
Steve Hansen - lead vocals, guitar           Holly Madison - Trumpet
Brad Campbell - guitar, vocals Sara Cline - Trumpet & Saxophone
Barry Norgaard - bass, vocals                        Kayla Crann - Trombone & Keys

Tim Roberts - drums

Check out the following YouTube links for a sample of songs:

Nice Bangs and the Establishment 2015 - a variety of songs at a variety of places! 

Snus Hill Winery - 5/23/14 



For booking information, call Barry at 515-953-8086

Check out Nice Bangs fan pages on the web: